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Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Under the influence of oils

The emotional center of your brain is linked to your sense of smell. When you breathe in an essential oil it can affect heart rate, stress levels, memory, and hormones.

Does the smell of spruce and cinnamon put you in an uplifting holiday mood? That’s because the brain has created a link between the aroma and memories or emotions.

The practice of aromatherapy allows us to intentionally evoke new memories and promote an overall sense of wellbeing.

The easiest way to enjoy essential oils is aromatically using a diffuser or carrier oil.

Essential Oil Diffusers are a safe alternative to chemical air fresheners, most of which just mask odors, instead of eliminating them. Essential oils can actually alter the odor molecule structures knocking out bacteria. The right diffuser will provide the added benefit of humidifying the air.

The Eufora Essential Oil Diffuser Is large enough to scent an entire room, has optional LED light function and an automatic shut off feature, making it perfect for use at work or home. Simply fill the diffuser with water, select the right Eufora essential oil blend for your mood, add 6-10 drops to water and enjoy the aromatherapeutic experience!

Or try a high-quality carrier oil like Eufora MIXIT to create custom aromatherapy body care products such as massage and bath oils.

What is a carrier oil? Carrier oils are derived primarily from nuts and seeds. Different carrier oils offer different therapeutic properties and can be blended with essential oils to create everything from all-purpose moisturizers to deodorants and therapeutic spot treatments. Always choose a cold-pressed, pure, unrefined oil with no additives to ensure the most beneficial properties.

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